Sponsoring eurucamp is a direct and effective way to reach a diverse and talented group of Rubyists, from across Europe and the world.


Dear Ruby Enthusiasts,

do you want to develop, deploy and run personalised websites in the cloud? Then get to know our sponsor Infopark.

Infopark offers a platform-as-a-service to provide content management and CRM functions to your web-application. It adds a professional and scalable CMS as well as a sophisticated WebCRM to your website project. If Ruby-on-Rails is your choice of weapon Infopark will help you build a great website with personalised services:

  • RubyCMS to manage website content
  • WebCRM to manage website visitors and their activities
  • Ruby Gems and documented APIs to easily integrate and access - Infopark's CMS and WebCRM
  • Kickstarter for an easy project start
  • Console as control desk for all projects, services and apps
  • Infrastructure based on AWS to run your Ruby-on-Rails web-application

Infopark gives you all the freedom you want in order to develop. As your websites are maintained by your customers and run on AWS you can focus on the development. Set up your development environment locally and integrate powerful services of your choice, e.g. monitoring and web analysis. Infopark provides customer support and documentation for you as well.

Are you excited? Sign up and test Infopark for free or visit the website.

Visit Infopark or sign up!





It is not just to be seen, but to be seen at the right place and with the right people, isn’t it? Getting involved means sponsoring coffee, beers, the party, lunches, sun, beaches, tans, bikes, good talks, tweets (from real birds), chats during coffee-breaks, inspiration for a new hack, wet deck chairs after a swim, sunsets by the lake, “see you next year’s”.

What is involved

Sponsoring eurucamp is a direct and effective way for your company to reach a diverse and talented group of Rubyists, from across Europe and the world. We have set four standard packages to let you consider which is the most appropriate for your organisation. These packages apply for the events of the whole eurucamp week – including JRubyConf EU and eurucamp core. When you decide to become a sponsor, we will ask you to give a preference to one of the main events, where, on those days, you will received prioritised space (and time slots, if applicable). What’s more, you will be featured throughout our programm.

all sponsorship packages


1.000 EUR


2.000 EUR


4.000 EUR


10.000 EUR





Registrations (passes) included




as much as you like

50% discount for additional passes

on the website

Your logo

Detailed profile on your company

A blog post on the day of the event

on twitter

A tweet before the day

A “presented by” tweet on the day of the event

on the conference day

A mention on the conference day

A 5 minute talk before the keynote

Your logo on the conference bag




as much as you like

Bag Swag

Conference display stand



as large as you can


Space to distribute freebies