eurucamp is where Ruby conference meets camp.

Guided by the formula eurucamp = community + learning + fun
we want to make possible a week of get-togethers:

  • representing the whole community,
  • encouraging speakers and newcomers with original talks, and
  • taking summer holidays together before going back to work.

eurucamp 2013


Representing the whole community may be a lofty goal, but it’s one we relish. Making this happen means keeping economic barriers to attending low – in other words, we ensure ticket prices remain extremely affordable. We offer tickets for as little as € 119, with substantial discounts for students and those out of work. Newbies are invited to attend beginners workshops, organised in conjunction with Rails Girls Berlin, and the first day of eurucamp core for free.


eurucamp is a get-together for learning. We have designed our Call for Proposals to encourage newcomers to speak. Attendees will have the opportunity of meeting top-notch developers, discovering interesting companies and participating in new projects.


In the height of summer most people in the Northern Hemisphere have their minds on vacations. eurucamp is also meant to be a place for “taking holidays together” before going back to work. We offer child care for developers coming with their families, and we will even teach kids the basics of code.

Previous Editions

The first edition took place in 2011. The EuRuKo conference was happening in town, the expectation exceeded the plan by far and many of Rubyists got stuck in Berlin without a ticket. The Berlin community reacted fittingly, putting together a parallel event baptised eurucamp.

In 2012, the eurucamp crew wanted to repeat the experience of running a relaxed and unconventional conference in Berlin. Big way this time: 200 attendees to the main event plus 60 to the JRubyConfEU having fun and listening to outstanding talks during a summer weekend (with great weather, by the way) on the shore of the lake.

Past Speakers

Last year we heard from almost 30 knowledgeable speakers, including:

James Coglan developer at Songkick and Faye gem contributor

Konstantin Haase active developer in the Ruby community as Sinatra and Rubinius maintainer, Rails and MRI contributor, and part of the Travis team

Laurent Sansonetti founder of HipByte, creator and maintainer of RubyMotion


Ruby Berlin e.V.

As an association we want to promote education in the field of computer technology, and in particular, propagate the Ruby programming language.

The association’s purpose is to be achieved, inter alia, by the following means:

  • conducting public meetings and informational sessions for the ruby programming language,
  • organising international conferences, meetings and talks, such as "European Ruby Conference (EuRuKo)", "eurucamp", "JRubyConf",
  • public relations and publishing in all media,
  • management of events and projects that are specifically aimed at young people.